Fractional Laser

Fractional Laser

What is Fractional laser and how does it work?

The Starlux 1540 erbium laser beams penetrate deep into the dermis according to the depth that is required for the targeted area, and promote the growth of new collagen within the dermis. This new collagen fills the deficient dermis and plumps the skin beneath the depression. The laser hand piece has a small circle at the end which is pressed against the skin and rolled across the affected area. You will feel heat as the machine is turned on; however this does not cause any pain and minimal discomfort. The skin is not broken, thus your skin is only pink or red after treatment. No open wounds, no skin peel, no need for soaks or dressings. The slight pink colour may last up to 24 hours however can last a little longer.

When Will I See A Result?

After fractional laser, you will see swelling the first two weeks after treatment but this swelling is just the immediate effect of the treatment. New collagen production does not begin for 6 weeks after the treatment, and visible improvement usually is seen by the third month. Remember, we are stimulating the skin to make new collagen, which takes time. There is no quick fix for immediate results, even with surgery. The collagen production continues for six months to a year after the last treatment. Consistency is the key for successful results and our clinical therapists will advise you of expected outcomes based on your personalised treatment plan.

What can I expect during a Fractional Laser Treatment?

The fractional laser treatment can take between 5- 30 minutes, (sometimes more) depending on the surface area being targeted. Clients are given a complimentary consultation where one of our qualified clinical therapists will give a treatment course to suit individual skin concerns. The skin is cleansed before the laser is applied. During the treatment, a warm prickling sensation can be felt as the laser hand piece is maneuvered over the face with short, precise and concentrated pulsating beams of light. These micro beams penetrate well below the surface layer of skin and in the epidermal layer, effectively eliminating deep pigmentation, scarring, acne and other skin concerns. Immediately after the treatment, redness and swelling may occur which generally subsides within 24 hours.

How does the Starlux 1540 compare to other technologies available on the market today?

The best thing is that the Starlux 1540 is a non-ablative laser which means that the surface of the skin is not damaged or removed during the fractional laser treatment. This means that you do not have to go through the prolonged healing required by old time resurfacing through ablative lasers. Your skin surface is still intact immediately after treatment. What is needed for improvement in most visible scars and stretch marks is the production of new dermis to replace the lost dermis and plump the skin. The main component of the dermis is collagen, and if the dermis can be induced to produce enough new collagen, the depression will be plumped and become less visible. The basis of the new Starlux 1540 process is the production of new collagen in the dermis; thus proving its successfulness on the market as the leading fractional laser technology.

Is Fractional Laser safe?

Since the Starlux 1540 is a non-ablative laser, the simple answer is yes. When using more ablative lasers for laser resurfacing, the skin is a lot more susceptible to long term damage, short term infection or pigmentation. The Fractional laser technology used at Results laser clinic is one of the safest and most reliable technologies worldwide today and is and FDA approved technology. While there are many types of Fractional laser technologies available, we have undergone extensive clinical trials and have found the Starlux 1540 to be the most effective with the most evident results.

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