Acne Specialists

Acne Specialists at Results Laser Clinic

What is acne and how is it caused?

Acne is a skin condition that is caused by inflamed or infected sebaceous glands which effectively produced red pimples, oily skin, open pores and cystic lumps caused by bacteria on the skin, generally on the facial area. Other areas of the body that can be affected are the neck, shoulders, back and décolletage. Although a lot of adolescents experience this skin condition, it also common for adults, especially women, to become susceptible to this as well. A number of factors can contribute to the formation of acne such as hormones, genetics, stress and lifestyle and it is not uncommon for these symptoms to begin in adult life (mid 20’s to mid 40’s). Coming off certain medications can also bring up a flare of acne such as the oral contraception pill which can worsen or cause acne in adults.

There are prescription medications available for treating acne – why would I need any other treatments?

While prescription medications can help to control acne and suppress the visible symptoms, be very cautious when opting to take them, as they do not actually treat the underlying root cause of the problem. Often, after coming off prescription medications, symptoms will re-appear and can often come back worse. It is a temporary bandaid fix and will never treat the reason for the acne in the first place. Results laser clinic’s tailored Acne Programs work by treating the underlying cause as well as the visible aesthetic symptoms at the same time. By using combined treatments, it is more likely that your active acne and acne scaring will be treated for the long term rather than just a quick fix.

What makes Results Laser Clinic the Acne Specialists?

Here at Results Laser Clinic we have been treating acne now for over 10 years. Over the years we have seen a 99% success rate in treating clients of all ages with their acne and acne scaring needs. This is because we do not just offer one or two solutions; we have invested in several different laser technologies and treatment options in order to be able to customise the best program tailored to each individual. Our clinical therapists are not only qualified, they are highly trained and experience and with just one consultation can determine the best treatment options for your specific condition. We have a strong reputation for being the most trusted and experienced laser clinic in Australia and we know you notice the ‘Results Difference’ after just one consultation.

What other treatments can I do at home to help speed up the process?

A good, vigilant skin care regime is needed at home in order to maximise your results and help your treatments along. Results Laser Clinic has scientifically developed their own skincare range specifically formulated to help with active acne and its associated symptoms. Your clinical therapist can talk you through this regime during your consultation. Diet and exercise, combined with plenty of water throughout the day can also help your body purge unwanted toxins and assist in speeding up the treatment process. Remember, if you look after your insides it will show on the outside!

How long will it take to get the results I want?

This is a little difficult to determine as each individual has different needs and different problematic areas. Some of our clients have seen their desired results within 4 weeks of treatment; however some can take up to 20 weeks depending on the program you are on. It is important to note that rushing your treatments, or taking short cuts, will reduce the likelihood of achieving longer term results. Clinical therapists at Results Laser Clinic have the same goal in mind as you do – to make you happy! You can rest easy knowing we are here to ensure you get the best results no matter how difficult or complicated your case may be.

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