No one is immune to the struggles of breakouts.
But now it’s time to put your concealer wands down and break up – not make up!

For every type of breakouts- whether it be clogged pores, white heads, black heads, pigmentation or cystic acne – there’s a confusingly vast array of potions and technologies designed to target your skin priorities. With a huge selection available to us, how do we know which treatment will reign supreme and is worth investing in?

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Spot On
Acne is not just an angry red pimple that appears as a punishment for that sneaky chocolate bar. Acne can be attributed to excess oil production, hair follicles clogged by dead skin cells, bacteria and hormonal changes – making it unpredictable and tricky to treat.

It is not just a treatment, it is a process
Just like any break up, healing takes time.
Our passionate team of clinical therapists are dedicated to treating your skin priorities with effective treatments and innovative technologies. At Results Laser Clinic we have designed an easy 2 step process to break up with your seriously blocked pores.

Step 1
Acne Beta Peel is highly recommended to combating oily, blemished skin. The safe chemical solution contains powerful bacteria fighting benefits to

  • Deeply cleanse and unblocks pores
  • Clear away dead skin cells preventing congestion
  • Kills the bacteria causing breakouts and treats existing blemishes on the surface

This allows you to bring blemishes under control and keeps your pores clear of cellular debris.


Step 2
LED Light Therapy is a highly sought after treatment to safely treat acne. In 13 minutes – the LED lights healing properties targets bacteria on the surface and beneath the skin. This magic works by emitting a light deep into the priority area,  which actively stimulates cells to heal and fight off acne causing bacteria whilst preventing acne from spreading and promotes natural collagen production. You are left with a complexion that will light up any room!


Peeled and healed to perfection
This thoughtful combination of Acne Beta Peel + LED Light Therapy is important for your skin’s long term health.  Keeping up with appearances will leave you with a more even skin tone, clearer complexion, closed pores and reduce the risk of future break outs.

Nurture your skin at home
Results Laser Clinic are proud stockists of Medik8’s acne range to enhance your treatment results.

A lightweight and oil free antioxidant serum for blemish pone skin. Helps to calm inflammation and reduce sebum production.
A powerful, rapid-action gel to visibly reduce individual blemishes. Their non-greasy, lightweight gel is suitable for all skin types.

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