Peeled to Perfection! Flaunt your flawless skin and unveil the new you with Chemical Skin Peels as we refresh dull, tired or lifeless skin with a safe, quick and effective treatment.

A Chemical Peel is a clinical technique that applies a safe chemical solution to the skins surface. The peel penetrates into the layers of the skin and target cells that cause conditions such as acne breakouts, traumatic pigmentation, and collagen loss.

We offer a range of peels designed to target a variety of priorities – each deeply exfoliating and promoting the healthy production of collagen, leaving with a radiant glow.

Our clinical therapists will recommend the best type of treatment for you during a complimentary consultation.

  • Treat Active acne or acne scars
  • Lighten Freckles on the face
  • Reduce Fine lines and wrinkles
  • A more even skin tone and reduce irregular skin pigmentation
  • Improves rough skin and scaly patches by getting rid of dead skin cells that are damaged
  • Treats Sun-damaged skin
  • After a treatment course your skin will be noticeably smoother and younger looking
  • Help to reduce enlarged pores and improved overall skin texture
  • Stimulate your own natural collagen production with Chemical Skin Peels
  • All Chemical Skin Peels are safe, effective and completely non-toxic
  • A fast and affordable treatment that lasts in the long term

Your face will feel warm, look pink & may swell

This will gradually subside over 24-48 hours but may last up to 72 hours

  • Apply a cold compress or icepacks for 10 minutes per hour to reduce heat in the skin.
  • Apply a cooling gel to keep your skin cool, ask about RESULTS RECOVERY GEL.
  • Use only mineral based makeup for 48 hours after treatment. Ask about our VELVET CO. mineral makeup.

Until all redness has gone, avoid:

  • Using AHA, BHA or Vitamin A products.
  • Waxing the area.
  • Swimming pools & spas with chemicals/chlorine.
  • Activities that cause excessive perspiration.

Your skin may be temperature sensitive

  • Wash with cold or tepid water.
  • Take luke-warm showers

Your skin may feel tight & start to flake, peel or breakout in spots

This is a good sign, your skin is purging impurities

  • Do not pick, scratch or remove flaking skin, this can lead to infection & permanent scarring
  • Sleep on your back to avoid rubbing the skin
  • Sleeping with an extra pillow can lift the head and help reduce swelling

Areas of the skin may appear darker

This will fade progressively over the next 1-4 weeks.

Do not book laser or laser hair removal on any part of your face for at least 7 days.

LED Advanced Light Therapy immediately after treatment can help to heal & enhance results.

If you experience prolonged redness, swelling, infection or any other issue with the treated skin, contact your clinic. In some cases, we may advise you to contact your GP.


Am I suitable for a Chemical Peel?

The majority of people are suitable for Chemical Peels. We offer treatments for a variety of skin types. We do recommend booking in a complimentary consultation to discuss your skin and ensure the right peel or other treatment is recommended to you.

Do I need to prep my skin before treatment?

Our peels do not require you to take home products to prepare the skin for treatment. We do recommend avoiding the sun two weeks prior to treatment as well as AHA, BHA, & Vitamin A products.

Does it hurt?

Chemical Peels are viturally pain-free! You will feel a hot sensation when the peel is applied, and your therapist will ask how it feels. The peel will be removed and cooled as soon as it’s penetrated into the layers of skin.

Will my skin peel off?

Unlike peels of the past (think Samantha from SATC), very minimal downtime is required. Your skin may appear slightly red and flakey.

Are there any after effects or risks?

There are only a few side effects associated with Chemical Peel treatments. Redness, swelling and irritation normally subside with a few hours and there is no downtime. Our therapists will guide you on how to take care of your skin post peel.

Can I go in the sun after a chemical peel?

Since ultraviolet light is likely to cause further damage to your skin, it is vital that you use sun protection to prevent damage to the new skin during and after your chemical peel treatments. A broad spectrum SPF 50, like our Active Protect sunscreen is recommended.

When can I expect results?

Results will vary, but you will see a definite change in your skin once you complete your recommended treatment plan. 


1 treatment weekly over 6 weeks (depending on individual needs)


15 minutes


Up to 24 hours (return to normal activities immediately)

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