Chemical Skin Peels

Chemical Skin Peels


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Now you can flaunt your flawless skin and unveil the new you with Chemical Skin Peels! If your skin looks dull, tired or lifeless and you are done with covering up, then refresh your look with a safe, quick and effective treatment. We all can make 15 minutes in our day to get rid of unwanted acne, acne scaring, reduce pigmentation or even out skin tone with a Chemical Skin Peel – the perfect lunchtime treatment!

Chemical Skin Peels work by applying a type of safe chemical solution to the skin’s surface which causes dead skins cells to shrivel and flake off. The new, regenerated skin is left which ultimately gives you smoother, younger looking skin.

Results Laser Clinic offers several different Chemical skin Peels depending on your individual needs. Different peels target different problem areas and your clinical therapist will be able to advise you on the best treatment option for you during your free consultation.

Condition Acne or acne scaring, irregular skin pigmentation, skin dullness, rough skin, fine lines and wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, uneven skin tone, freckles and scaring
Treatment Chemical Skin Peels – Photo Rejuvenation Age Peel, Pigmentation White Peel, Acne Beta Peel, Eye Peel and Mandelic Peel
Results Younger and fresher skin appearance, reduced acne and acne scaring, firmer and tighter skin, improvement of wrinkles, lines and folds, improved skin texture and reduced pore size, lightened pigmentation marks, brighter skin tone
Treatment Intervals 1 treatment weekly, over 6 weeks (depending on individual needs)
Treatment Time 15 minutes
Recovery Time Up to 24 hours (return to normal activities immediately)


  • Treat Active acne or acne scars
  • Lighten Freckles on the face
  • Reduce Fine lines and wrinkles
  • A more even skin tone and reduce irregular skin pigmentation
  • Improves rough skin and scaly patches by getting rid of dead skin cells that are damaged
  • Treats Sun-damaged skin
  • After a treatment course your skin will be noticeably smoother and younger looking
  • Help to reduce enlarged pores and improved overall skin texture
  • Stimulate your own natural collagen production with Chemical Skin Peels
  • All Chemical Skin Peels are safe, effective and completely non-toxic
  • A fast and affordable treatment that lasts in the long term.

Photo Rejuvenation Age Peel (Medik8)

The Photo Rejuvenation Age Peel is a Chemical Peel specifically targeted as an Anti-Aging peel. It uses a combination of L-Mandelic Acid and Lactobionic Acid that effectively target fine lines and wrinkles and help diminish imperfections, leaving the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. The Photo Rejuvenation Age Peel is a superficial chemical peel that provides great results with practically no recovery time and minimal redness.

Suitable for most skin types and the ability to have the treatment all year round, results can often be seen from the first treatment but we recommend a course of six for maximum effect. The Age Peel can also be used in conjunction with Skin Needling Treatments for the ultimate youthful look.

Pigmentation WhitePeel (Medik8)

The Pigmentation WhitePeel is the most effective peel for achieving brighter, more even skin tone and to eliminate dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It does this through applying a combination of Phytic Acid and L-Lactic Acid to the skin, ultimately destroying the skin cells that are rich in melanin and stop the darkening of new skin cells. It is specifically designed to treat all types of hyperpigmentation, with minimal downtime and redness as well as clients that have uneven skin tone and complexion, plus those with sun damage.

This peel is suitable for all skin types and treatment can be done at anytime of the year. Often, results can be seen from the first treatment however we recommend a series of six peels in order to maximise your results.

Acne BetaPeel (Medik8)

Using a combination of the active ingredients Salicylic Acid and Dioic Acid this peel will quickly bring acne under control and dramatically reduces the risk breakouts in the future. The Acne BetaPeel simultaneously targets all three forms of acne: blocked pores, comedon as well as inflammation. By delivering the acid straight into the pores and follicles, it assists in keeping pores clear of cellular bacteria and therefore reducing the number of pore blockages and breakouts on the skin.

The best part about the Acne BetaPeel is that it can be used on other acne prone areas of the body besides the face such as the décolletage and the back. It is a triple action peel suitable for all skin types and is safe to do all year round and treatable on most skin types.

EyePeel (Medik8)

The eye area is always the first place to show the initial signs of aging as it contains fewer sebaceous glands than the rest of your face. Usually, most clients experience a reduction in tone and plumpness that starts as early as their mid twenties. By regenerating the skin through stronger cell turnover, The eyePeel offers a very gentle and safe solution to treat the surrounding area of the eye.

The AgePeel uses a combination of L-Lactic acid and Lactobionic acid in order to effectively hydrate the skin, which in turn alleviates excessive dryness and flaking. Whilst you may see some results after one treatment, we recommend you target a series of 6 treatments in order to maximise your results.

Mandelic Peel

Specifically designed for clients with darker skin, the active ingredient in the Mandelic peel is Mandelic Acid which penetrates the skin to provide great results for correcting skin blemishes, acne, scaring, signs of ageing as well as superficial and deep wrinkles. In the past, clients with darker skin posed a high risk of hyperpigmentation after Skin Chemical Peels. Nowadays, while there is a very minimal risk (as with any skin treatment) there is now a specifically formulated peel that is safe and effective, targeted to those with a darker skin tone.

Results can often be seen from the first treatment but we recommend a course of six for maximum effect. The Mandelic Peel can also be used in conjunction with Skin Needling Treatments for the ultimate youthful look.

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