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Laser Hair Removal at Results Laser Clinic


  • All I can say, is a man of my age wanting to get hair removal done can sometimes be an arduous task for most who even think about it. Being a mainly female dominated industry, I waited six years before I actually took the step to go and see the clinical therapists at Results laser clinic. Their level of professionalism was outstanding to say the least. I was extremely comfortable and actually contemplated why I didn’t call sooner. My results are far greater than I expected and I believe they are the most reputable company in Australia today. I called several places and felt that Results laser clinic gave me education, ease and respect, as well as professionalism. Well done.
    Steven Hipokrathem 45 – Southport QLD
  • I was ok before I had my kids, but during all pregnancies and after giving birth I started growing hair all over my legs. I went to Results laser clinic thinking they would say there is no permanent solution, but I was wrong! Six months in and I’m looking and feeling fab all over again! Thanks to everyone at Results who made it so easy for me – love you guys!
    Georgie Stanmead 39 – Shellharbour
  • "I used to get picked on at school for my hairy face. They thought I was being silly until I started going to see the girls at Results Laser Clinic and the difference was unbelievable- my face looked different in colour because the hair was gone. Now I can’t keep away from the place! I would recommend anyone who asked to go see the girls at Results Laser Clinic. They have changed my life!”
    Laura Mammone 25 – Top Ryde
  • I was the guy on the beach that never took his T-shirt off because of the embarrassment of back and chest hair. I never did anything about it because I was sure I was the only guy that was that hairy. My girlfriend told me about Laser Hair Removal so I thought I would give it a go. The girls at Results Laser Clinic made me feel so comfortable and I have never looked back! I have had 4 treatments of laser hair removal and already the results are great. Now, I love the beach, the t-shirt is staying home and the girlfriend loves it! Thanks Girls
    Daniel Khourbi 29 – West Pennant Hills NSW
  • Being teased at school was not nice and it made me feel bad about myself. My mum took me to results laser clinic a year ago and now I’m so happy that I really love going out with my friends and feeling good about myself. I wish I started younger but I am so happy and now all my friends come here too because I have been showing off how good my legs look!
    Madeline Aroshini 19 – Southyarra VIC
  • My time with Results Laser Clinic has been amazing. The staff have been great, very professional and extremely helpful. I can’t wait until this summer to show off my hairless body.
    Tracey Williams 32 – Rosebay NSW
  • I would shave in the morning and by noon I had a five O’clock shadow. Since getting Laser hair removal done at Results laser Clinic my facial hair has gone. It is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have tried other laser hair removal treatments and nothing has worked for me until these guys. It’s been 8 years of searching- thankfully I can now see some real
    Christian Michaels 30 – Concord NSW
  • My amazing experience at Results Laser Clinic has meant I am no longer self-conscious about my unwanted hair. I am free to wear whatever I want and without any concerns- Jamie, Ryde
    Jamie Saldorv 21, Ryde
  • I started going to see Results Laser Clinic on the recommendation of a friend. I haven’t worn a swim suit since my high school years because the ingrowns were so obvious and it was embarrassing. I have just finished 6 treatments of Laser Hair Removal using the Gentle Lase Alexandrite Laser and I have hardly any bikini hair and no more ingrowns. I just bought my first swim suit in years and can’t wait for the summer. Laser hair removal has changed my life. Thank you Results Laser Clinic.
    Lena Mansor 24 – Blacktown NSW
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