New year, new hangover and a month of abandoned resolutions. Whether it be drinking more water, enforcing healthier eating habits or wearing less makeup – these promises are soon forgotten. However this is one treatment your skin will LOVE as we DermaPen away last years skin sins.

What is Clinical Skin Needling?
Using DermaPen technology, Clinical Skin Needling uses non invasive fast and effective technology.
Step 1
It works by using a motorised head containing micro needles to lightly puncture the skin – creating tiny micro wounds. This controlled trauma triggers cell renewal, collagen production and improves elasticity in the skin.

Step 2
LED Light Therapy is a MUST post Skin Needling as it accelerates the healing process, reduces redness and enhances your treatment results. After a cleanse, relax under the healing LED Light while you reflect on last years skin sins. During this time the LED Light helps to rejuvenates your skin as well as encourages collagen production and cellular repair.

What skin sins can it treat?
Not only can Clinical Skin Needling treat pitted acne scarring, chicken pox scars, enlarged pores, loss of elasticity, fine lines and creases that are outside of our control – the DermaPen can also erase the damage caused in the year that was.

  • Improve texture of sun damaged skin
  • Reduce the appearance of scarring caused by picking pimples
  • Even out skin tone caused by excessive sun exposure
  • Rehydrate dry and lack lustre skin

Leaving you with a fresh, smoother, rejuvenated look as we welcome 2019!

Beauty vows
Now, hand on hearts and repeat after me …
“I do solemnly swear to book 4 to 6 treatments at monthly intervals”
This recommendation will assist in achieving optimum results and keep you flawless all throughout 2019! Sun protection is essential post Skin Needling, don’t forget your Results Active Protect SPF 50+. Read more about our product MUST HAVES for Summer!


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