Beauty blast off! Our Laser Pigmentation treatment uses innovative GentleLase pro technology to target discolouration caused by overactive melanin sites. Laser light transmits heat into the skin, which targets dark colouring. The laser shatters the pigment, drawing the pigment to the surface. This allows the dermis to start its natural healing process to reveal a more even complexion.

Laser Pigmentation Removal safely and effectively reduces the appearance of freckles, age spots, sun damage and pigmentation. At your complimentary consultation, our passionate clinical therapists can tailor a treatment program to focus on you skin priorities.
  • Minimise or eliminate the appearance of pigmentation
  • Minimise or eliminate sun spots, age spots and freckles
  • Solve skin discolouration quickly and effectively
  • Safe with minimal side effects
  • Causes little discomfort
  • Provide gradual, natural-looking improvement
  • Produces long-lasting results

Immediately after treatment, the problem area may appear darker or more prominent than before.

This will gradually reduce over the next 24 hours.
A mild sunburn-like reaction is normal

Swelling, bruising & redness may occur & last up to 72 hours, in some cases prolonged redness & blistering may be experienced.

Apply a cold compress or icepacks for 10 mins per hour to reduce heat in the skin.
Apply a cooling gel, ask about RESULTS ACTIVE RECOVERY.
Use only mineral based makeup for 48hrs after treatment. Ask about our VELVET CO. mineral makeup.

Until all redness has gone, avoid:

Using AHA, BHA or Vitamin A products.
Waxing the area.
Swimming pools & spas with chemicals / chlorine.
Activities that cause excessive perspiration.

The area may blister, scab or crust

It usually heals in 7-10 days & will continue to fade over the next 2-4 weeks.

Do not pick, scratch or remove scabs, this can lead to infection & permanent scarring.
You can aid healing with medicated, anti-bacterial ointment.
Avoid direct sunlight on the area. Apply SPF 30+ daily, ask about RESULTS PROTECT SPF 50+

There is a possibility of hair-loss in the treated area

If you experience prolonged redness, swelling, infection or any other issue with the treated skin, contact your clinic. In some cases we may advise you to contact your GP.


Am I suitable for treatment?

The majority of people are suitable for skin pigmentation treatments with the exception of clients who have quite a dark skin tone. Clients who have been exposed to the sun and have developed a tan are also not suitable for treatment. Your trained clinical therapist will be able to consult you on your suitability in your free consultation.

What does treatment feel like?

The treatment is virtually painless and most clients experience little discomfort. A warm sensation is felt for up to 2 hours post treatment but this usually settles fairly quickly. Most people describe the sensation as an elastic band lightly flicking the skin.

What will I look like after treatment?

The skin may be slightly red and skin pigmentation may darken and may appear more obvious immediately following treatment. On the other hand, some spots may lighten without going darker first. Crusts may form over the spots in the weeks following treatment which is a normal reaction, and they will generally fall off by themselves. Our clinical therapists will advise you not to touch the scabs that form and to allow them to naturally purge on their own.

Why choose Results Laser Clinic?

Results Laser Clinic is Australia’s most trusted clinic with an impeccable reputation for quality and consistency. The caliber of equipment used nationally, combined with the education and skill set of our clinical therapists ensures your safety and peace of mind. Our philosophy is to treat each and every client as an individual case – guaranteeing you are in the best level of care and that a tailor made program suitable only to you will be developed based specifically on your needs. Results Laser Clinic recently appeared on A Current Affair as Sydney’s most reputable clinic; confirming that high quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority.


4-6 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart


20 – 30 minutes depending on treatment area


Minimal downtime, slight redness up to 48 hours. Avoid the sun.

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