Complexion correction. Whether it be birthmarks or skin pigmentation, Results Laser Clinic tailor treatment programs to target your skin priorities.

Most birthmarks are harmless and generally disappear in a few months or years. They appear as two main types

  • Vascular – salmon patch, portwine stains and strawberry marks
  • Pigment – Cafe au lait spots, mongolian patches and congenital moles

As adults we may may also develop marks that can be mistaken for birthmarks. Pigment from excess melanin production results in sunspots, scarring, or hormonal pigmentation such as melasma. Vascular pigmentation appears as Broken Capillaries, Rosaceam Spider veins or Telangiectasia.

Visit our passionate team of clinical therapists and learn how to put your skin first using non invasive treatments and innovative Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology.

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IPL Skin Pigmentation treatments use a broad spectrum of light and special filters to target unwanted colour in the skin.

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chemical skin peel

The Pigmentation Peel targets and destroys melanin-rich cells on the surface and from beneath the skin and eliminates colored scarring on the surface.

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Microdermabrasion targets the surface and texture of the skin using a diamond tipped wand with vacuum suction to exfoliate and remove congestion. It improves skin texture, cleanses the pores, sweeps away dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow which promotes healthy skin rejuvenation, which can even-out skin tone.</p> <p>PIGMENTATION PEEL Targets and destroys melanin rich cells on the surface and from beneath the skin and eliminates coloured scarring on the surface.

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I’m really pleased with the Microdermabrasion treatment my skin looks so radiant and smooth. It’s no wonder this treatment was recommended to me.

Gayle-North Rocks NSW

The Microdermabrasion facial treatment gave my face a fresh, clean feel that no other facial has ever been able to do before.

Kathryn-Marsfield NSW

I had so many blackheads and honestly nothing was working. I had my complimentary consultation and found the best treatment for me.

Joan- Parramatta NSW