LED Light Therapy

Led Light Therapy

What is LED Advanced Light Therapy?

LED Advanced Light Therapy is a fast, relaxing treatment that accelerates skin recovery time from other treatments or surgery, plumps up aging skin by stimulating collagen production and helps to treat acne. LED Stands for light-emitting-diodes, which was first developed by NASA in order to send energy waves to help tighten and firm the skin and re-introduce effective hydration. It has now become a popular treatment to help speed up skin recovery time, assist with sun damage, wounds, scars, acne, minmize fine lines and wrinkles. It is a painless, affordable and simple treatment that is completely non invasive.

I have heard of so many different LED Lights available on the market – what is the advantage of the Healite ll?

There are three available popular treatment heads available on the market and these are commonly known as the Blue light, Red light and the Clear/white/yellow light. The Healite ll is by far the most advanced technology available worldwide today. Results laser clinic offer two lights, the Blue Light and/or the Clear Light (also referred to as white/yellow light) as they are the most superior in the market today. This is because the Clear Light encompasses all that the Red Light does and more therefore eliminating the need for an extra light treatment. The Red Light targets skin rejuvenation, however the clear light has the added advantage of targeting wound healing and pain relief as well. The Healite ll has been proven to show results within one month of consistent treatments. It only takes 13-16minutes per treatment and treatment costs start as little as $40 a session when combined with other treatments at Results Laser Clinic. We guarantee amazing results and know you will be as happy as we are when you try this revolutionary technology!

Is LED Advanced Light Therapy effective?

You will definitely see substantial improvements to your skin when you use the Healite ll directly after other treatments. It works the best when used in conjunction with other treatments that your clinical therapist has recommended. For example, if you have active acne or bacteria on the skin, the Blue Light is designed to kill this bacteria and rapidly heal the skin in order to prepare you for other laser treatments you will need (IPL Photo rejuvenation, fractional, Acne Scarring removal) or, if you have just had a tattoo removal treatment the Clear Light Therapy will help to reduce the inflammation and speed up the healing process of the skin to begin repairing itself quicker – and you will be sure to notice a much quicker recovery time. It has been proven that using the Healite ll can often cut skin recovery time in half or even more!

Why should I choose Results laser clinic for Advanced LED Light therapy?

At results laser clinic we always only use the latest technology available on the market. We do not take shortcuts! Results Laser Clinic prides itself on the extensive research, trials and training we undergo before even recommending any technology to our clients. We can guarantee, most of us (if not all of us) have trialled and tested every treatment we have available, besides the extensive training we undergo, before bringing it to you. The Healite ll is the only technology that we have seen dramatic results with when it comes to LED Advanced Light Therapy. Results laser clinic has a reputation for being the safest, most trusted clinic in Australia today and we like to think that we can uphold this reputation for years to come!

How long do treatments take and when can I expect to see results?

Treatments with the Healite ll are so fast – generally taking 13-16minutes a session. This is because it is the most advanced treatment on the market today. If you are consistent with your treatments, you generally see great results after only 4 weeks! The best part about LED Advanced Light Therapy is that the light continues to keep working for up to twelve weeks post treatment, ensuring your results are maximised over time. Be sure to consult with one of our clinical therapists first with a free consultation so that we can ensure we tailor a program suitable to your skin and your individual needs.

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