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Go back in time and remove your unwanted tattoo knowing that permanent mistakes are now a thing of the past! We know that skin chemistry and texture can change as skin ages, fading ink, and distorting images, causing us to cover up and hide unwanted tattoos.

Nowadays, we have cosmetic laser technology that will effortlessly and virtually painlessly remove your unwanted tattoo on any part of the body, making the removal process less invasive and less painful than the original tattooing procedure. Our technology will break down the pigment in your tattoo ink, allowing your body’s natural elimination processes to significantly fade and even eliminate your unwanted tattoo in just a few short sessions with minimal recovery and no downtime.

Result Laser Clinic Tattoo Removal Treatments use only the latest medical grade technology with certified clinical therapists, so you can rest easy knowing we will blast your unwanted tattoo away with no fuss!

Condition Unwanted Tattoos
Treatment Medical-grade Tattoo removal technology using Candela’s ND:YAGQSwitch 1064nm, 532nm, 755nm, Candela Alex Trivantage
Results Revealing natural skin pigment through total elimination, or significant lightening of embarrassing or degraded tattoos
Treatment Intervals 6-12 treatments, 4-12 weeks apart
Treatment Time 5mins – 30mins depending on treatment area
Recovery Time Minimal downtime, slight redness for 1 to 2 days, 48 hours sun avoidance


  • Virtually pain free tattoo removal
  • No ‘sanding’ or skin grafting of the tattooed area
  • Non-invasive and non-surgical procedure
  • Suitable for all skin types and skin colours
  • See visible results in just 2 weeks
  • Dramatic results after several treatments
  • Is effective for tattoos of all colours
  • 100% natural with no chemicals
  • All areas of the body can be treated

Who Can Use Laser Tattoo Removal in Sydney?

Since every tattoo is unique, the removal techniques are never standard. At the Results Laser Clinic, we tailor the treatments to suit every person. Even in the past there were a number of methods via which tattoos could be removed, but the scars ended up being even more unsightly than the actual tattoo.

If you have gotten your tattoo treated in the past with some other method, we may still be able to help you with laser treatment. In case the ink has not been effectively removed, these may respond well to our specialised laser tattoo removal in Sydney as long as the previous treatments have not caused excessive scarring.

The Treatment

The treatment process will vary depending on the colour & size of your tattoo. It may be removed in 2-4 visits, though there are times when it can take up to 2-10 sessions. Once you schedule a consultation with us, our laser treatment experts will evaluate your individual situation & advice you about the process and the number of visits that would be required for successful tattoo removal.

Keep in mind that the treatment will vary and so something that has worked for someone you know may or may not work for you. The size, type and age of the tattoo will decide the number of visits that will be required as well as the cost. The other factors that affect the treatment and costs are your skin colour and the depth to which the ink extends. We will ascertain which treatment will be best for you and provide you with a cost-effective estimate for laser tattoo removal in Sydney. For more information please visit our website or contact us via this online form.

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